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5 Types of Exercises for Anxiety Relief

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Sometimes we can get in our own head. I know I do. Whether its from an external factor or having an argument with our best friend, these events can alter our mood. Life isn't perfect and some things are just out of our control. BUT, we we can control our own thoughts and how we choose to respond to the event. Fighting (internal) battles are not easy, so the next best step is to practice a positive coping mechanism such as, journaling, exercise, hanging out with friends, or a massage.

As your fellow health and wellness advocate, I'm going to always suggest some form of exercise. Read about the 6 movement practices you can start anytime.

#1 High-intensity exercise

#2 Stretching

#3 Yoga + meditation

#4 Walking outdoors

#5 Dancing

#6 Skating

What's your favorite form of fitness?

Miss Di

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