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Do you know how to read your nutrition label?

Nutrition dieting and “proper” health can be very confusing. So here are a few tips to help guide you to make the best choices and read through the fluff!

Label Highlights

Serving Size: This number is how many servings are within the allotted measurements given to complete the set meal.

Calories: This number is PER SERVING ladies. Not the entire item. So if a label says "Serving size: 3 and Calories: 100" multiple those 100 calories by 3(:.

Added Sugar: Please please please watch out for this label and corresponding number. Firstly, nothing should really have added sugar. You should aim to have everything you consume be as naturally-derived as possible with limited preservatives and sugars. The "total sugar" amount should be compromised of 1/3 or less of "added sugars".

Protein: PAY ATTENTION ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUILD MUSCLE! Aim to have more protein than sugar.

In summary, pay attention to the accurate serving size and added sugar count. You don't want to think something is "healthy" because ads or a quick logo claims it is. Look out for these key labels when choosing your items!

Made by Yours Truly, MISSDIFIT

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