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How to Create Your Workout Plan (And Stick To It!)

#1 TRAIN your mind that you want to get better and DO better.

#2 Decide on what your goals are. (Gain strength, tone, increase cardiovascular health)

#3 WRITE down your schedule sis. This way you can block off time to reach your fitness goals.

#4 Now, decide what days and times you can commit to. Studies say that if you do something at the same time everyday you will make a habit out of it!

#5 Align exercises with your goals. (i.e. larger glutes - hip thrusts, kickbacks, squats). If you need help, send me a message at (214) 534-4311 or you can email for your FREE consultation!

#6 Remember WHY you are doing this. We don't always have motivation to push us, sometimes our why and discipline have to kick into gear.

#7 Find you an accountability group or partner. Don't have one? We got you! > MISSDIFIT Gems > Join. If you need help joining or want to speak directly contact

#8 Have fun! Find something active that you enjoy (yoga, Zumba, cycling)

#9 Keep striving sis! YOU GOT THIS! Si se puede!

Made by Yours Truly, MISSDIFIT

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