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All About Dates!!!

Let's talk about dates and why you should consume them weekly! Dates are a great source of fiber, promote a healthy brain, supports bone health, and boosts energy levels. I like to toss 2-3 dates in my protein smoothies to add that natural sweetener and rich taste. Dates are also high in disease-fighting antioxidants, boosting our immune system.

How can I consume dates?

You can eat dates solely by their self or mix them in a smoothie! Beware, dates are very very sweet, so if you take one by mouth, just 1 many be enough. If I am making a smoothie I typically toss 3 in my single-cup blender. They take a while to blend up so you may want to chop them up in smaller pieces if they don't come packaged like that already.

Made by yours truly, MISSDIFIT

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