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Matcha Time!

Matcha has great benefits that aid in flushing your digestive system, promoting clearer skin, and boosting energy levels. I personally find that I gain more energy from drinking my match latte in the mornings versus drinking coffee. There are two main types and ways to drink matcha: matcha green tea and match powder. I curate my drink from matcha powder - mixing it with hot water, almond milk, a dash liquid vanilla coffee creamer (for taste), and ice.

Top 7 Benefits of Drinking Matcha

  1. Boost energy levels, without jitters or crashes

  2. Improves focus

  3. Boost immune system

  4. Burns calories

  5. Improves heart health

  6. Induces calmness

  7. High in antioxidants

Considering drinking matcha now *inserts big eyes*?? Comment below if you've tried matcha before!

Made by yours truly, MISSDIFIT

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