Starting Your Mornings Off with the Perfect Morning Routine

How you start your mornings is how you set your tone for the day! First, I like to say what I'm thankful for, BEFORE even getting out of the bed. Also, I NEVER read any text messages, emails, or scroll social media after 30 minutes of waking up, and sometimes even before I leave the house. Our phones can be a huge distraction and interruption in our morning routine.

Here's how I like to capitalize off of my mornings:

  1. Repeat gratitude affirmations.

  2. Do my morning hygiene routine (brush teeth, wash face, etc.)

  3. Look in the mirror and repeat my "I AM" affirmations (I am beautiful, I am destined for greatness, I am rich, I am successful, etc.)

  4. Turn on either high frequency tones (432 HZ and 528 Hz I listen to most often) or I listen to Jhene Aiko. Her music is so therapeutic and she uses high frequencies in her music.

  5. Now that my body is warmed up, I like to stretch. (Touch my toes, reach overhead, and Frog pose 2x30 seconds each). It's imperative that our limbs remain flexible as we grow older. Practice mobility now so that you don't have complications later.

  6. Get dressed!

  7. See, so simple. Yet intentional.

Comment below if this was helpful!

Made by yours truly, MISSDIFIT

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