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Sticking to the Plan

New Years Resolutions can be cliche, but not if you stick to them. Let's talk about making New Years "resolutions" into a lifestyle.

  1. Grab you a journal and write down 5 goals that you have. They can be tangible (new car), intangible (720 credit score), and physical (lose 10 pounds).

  2. Write out 2 steps you must take to reach those goals. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 lbs and maybe improve your physique; dedicate certain days that you workout and limit some of the foods that may keep you from reach that goal (i.e. no fast food, meal prep at home, etc.)

  3. Rehearse your goals and affirmations DAILY. If you know them by heart great. If not, put your goals/affirmations on an index card and place it on your mirror. That way you see them everyday.

  4. Make this a routine. Start off every morning reciting your affirmations, looking at you vision board, and visualizing your success, or simply a peaceful life.

Happy 2022! Made by yours truly,


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