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What needs to be in your gym bag?

Sis, have you been wondering "what do I need in my gym bag" or "what do I need at the gym"? Well, keep reading, I got you covered!

Just like any other bag, you do not have to pack it to the max. That makes your bag heavier and more prone to get messy, especially, if you're only attending a quick 45-minute cardio class, Pilates, yoga, or just running errands. Here's the few basic items that you will need! You can also click each product picture and it will take you straight the the link of that featured item! Hassle and search-free.

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#1 A resistance band. Resistance bands come in handy when your favorite gym equipment is taken or to use during your warm-up! Read my post about the benefits of resistance bands and the differences between each here.

#2 Water bottle. This is obvious ladies. You need to be hydrated throughout your workout. Excessive sweat excretion can lead to dehydration and we don't want that. My favorite bottles are sleek and have hourly measurements so that I can adequately track my water intake!

#3 Gym towel. Having a couple towels dedicated to the gym/workout is not a bad idea sis. Towels not only help wipe off that sweat before you see your crush, but protects sweat from getting in your eyes, you can lay it behind your head while you do abs & core, or even wipe sweat on the bench from the sweaty guy before you.

#4 Earphones. Now, I am veryyyy picky when it comes to electronics or things I plan on keeping for a long time. So this one should be an investment, however, there are plenty of wireless earphones to choose from. I have personally purchased from both brands, with the beatsbydre being on the higher side.

#5 Lip balm. Now this is a necessity...all that sweat will leave your lips dry so throwing in a little lip balm doesn't hurt.

#6 Hand sanitizer. A MUST. A STAPLE, especially in today's world. I spray hand sanitizer between every set, if there was a restroom near every machine I would wash my hands every time. I also like the spray sanitizers because they dry faster and I don't have to guess the consistency every time I want to pour some into my hands.

#7 Hair tie. You just never know when you'll need one. You want to keep you hair out of your face when you are getting your workout in.

Well those are the few starter things you need to have a successful gym day! More to come. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list and sign up for our Loyalty program to start SAVING today! Get free points when you sign up!

By yours truly,

Miss Di

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