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Why You Should be Taking Chlorophyll Daily

Chlorophyll has a vast of health benefits. In this climate it's imperative to take every step that we can to have a strong immune system to fight off viruses and diseases. Here are the vast amount of benefits of chlorophyll:

  1. Eliminates fungus in the body

  2. Detoxifies the body

  3. Aids in preventing cancer

  4. Stimulates the immune system

  5. Eliminates bad odors

  6. Reduces inflammation in skin wounds

  7. Improves the quality of red blood cells

  8. Supports healthy digestions

  9. Aids in weight loss

I consume chlorophyll DAILY! Mix 2 tbsp with a glass of spring water prior to food intake. Leave a comment if you have tried chlorophyll before or if this post informed you of something new!

Made by yours truly, MISSDIFIT

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