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10 Top Benefits of a Resistance Band Workout

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Resistance bands can be used in various ways, especially depending on the type of band. Resistance bands have helped me improve my balance, tone my lower body, and added that extra resistance to grow my glutes. See my top 10 reasons why you should start resistance band training:

  1. Improves flexibility.

  2. Makes it easier to work out while traveling.

  3. Varies the intensity of your workout.

  4. Builds lean muscle.

  5. Promotes exercise versatility.

  6. Helps with toning muscles.

  7. Improves cardiovascular health.

  8. Improves muscular endurance.

  9. Perfect for stretching and mobility.

  10. Allows for a full body workout.

Various types of resistance bands and what they're best used for:

a. Latex loop band- back exercises, oscillations, rehab and mobility training

b. Long band- back exercises, shoulder mobility, lower body training

c. Loose end latex band- back exercises, shoulder mobility, stretching

d. Fabric/latex adjustable band- toning, muscular endurance, booty sculpting

By Yours Truly,


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